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What is Foundation Repair All About?


Foundation is an integral, pivotal and structural component of your house or commercial property. It is the foundation that holds your entire property upright and stable. It protects your house from moisture and shields your house from movements in the underlying soil. A sturdy and reliable foundation is a quintessential requirement. Ideally, foundations should last a lifetime and longer. However, foundations have to endure a lot of challenges over the years, from soil conditions to water tables and the natural degradation of materials.

While foundations can be as much as one fifth of the weight of your house, they can settle or move. Foundations can suffer damage if the fill soils get compressed; if the fill soils are not properly compacted; if there is lack of timely maintenance of areas around the foundation; and if the construction is predominantly on clay. It is common for clay surfaces to expand. It is particularly common in Dallas and across North Texas.

Whenever you have a problem with your foundation, you should immediately opt for holistic repair. You may need to repair the slab foundation, the pier and beam foundation or mud jacking. You need to find the most experienced and capable professionals to reliably and affordably repair your foundation so it can continue to ensure the structural integrity of your house. Post foundation repair in Dallas, it should last a lifetime without any foreseeable problems.

We have been working on foundation repair in Dallas for thirty years. We offer a free estimate and always ensure our services are reasonably priced. We have practical payment options and our warranties have no equal. We take care of everything with a holistic approach to ensure you don’t have any cause for concern anytime in the near or distant future.

Slab Foundation Repair

There could be different kinds of problems with your foundation. One of the common issues is damaged foundation slab. If you want to be certain that your slab foundation is damaged or there is a serious problem with it, then you should look for relevant signs such as upheaval which is the exact opposite of settlement, shifted or moved piers, foundation cracks, mold buildup, fissures in the walls, moisture buildup, leaning chimneys, buckling walls and crumbling concrete in the basement.

Do not delay or put off slab foundation repair. We specialize in repairing slab foundations. We have the necessary equipment and tools, we use the finest and most reliable materials, we have hands-on experience of decades and we have the right approach to ensure holistic repair of concrete slab foundations. Our workmanship is impeccable and we can ensure your slab foundations are repaired perfectly without any risk to your safety or the integrity and stability of your home or commercial property.

There are times when damages in slab foundation are not obvious as there may not be lucid or definitive signs. For instance, you may have loose doors or windows and they may get stuck. This could be due to slab fractures. The signs are at times evident of structural damage and in some cases they are rather subtle and barley indicative. The safest option is to go for a thorough inspection by one of our pros to find out the exact nature of the problem so the subsequent action may be undertaken.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations can get damaged due to a myriad of reasons. It does not happen overnight or in a short span of time unless there is a catastrophic natural event. However, years of deterioration and perpetual lack of maintenance can make any pier and beam foundation vulnerable. We specialize in exceptional pier and beam foundation repair. Our experts carry out an extensive inspection to analyze the problem. The field technicians conduct a thorough study of your foundation and note all the problematic issues. We do not presume any problem and we plan our response only after we have a clear understanding of the extent of damage.

We have a well-planned approach to repair pier and beam foundation. Following our assessment and determining the scope of the repair, we clear the immediate work area. We clear the plants and other materials, lay out tarps to protect the immediate surroundings of your property and dig a hole manually to gain access. We decide the different points of installation even before we dig the hole so we can be chart out the whole process.

Our world class pier and beam foundation service uses a variety of state of the art tools including hydraulic jacks and hydraulic arms to get sections of lead pipe in their ideal positions in order to raise the floor levels to their perfect positions. We know exactly where the piers would have to be installed so there is no guessing once the work has begun. After raising the structure, we place concrete cylinders, replacing the hydraulic jacks. These concrete cylinders ensure foundational and structural support for your property in the long term. Once the pier and beam foundation is repaired, we fill up the excavated area and get rid of all the debris around. This approach to pier and beam foundation repair can solve many problems including foundational damage and poor drainage.

Inspection, Assessment and Planning for Holistic Repairs

We have a proactively measured approach to assess the nature of damage to any foundation and only then do we assess the problem to come up with the perfect plan. Most homes built in Dallas before the seventies have pier and beam foundations. Such homes usually have crawl spaces. Our technicians use these crawl spaces to explore the pier and beam foundation, to identify problems and to understand the scope of repair. You too can explore the same and look for cracks in the beams of the foundation. If you see any, you should immediately call us or send an email. We will schedule a consultation at your property at to your convenience. It is imperative one of our experts conduct a site inspection and assess the situation.

We do not come up with generic estimates or any quotes before we conduct the extensive site inspection. This is important since many variables are at play, whether pertaining to the exact causes of damage or the nature of repairs needed. Our inspection is extensive and methodical. The subsequent assessment helps us understand the actual problem and accordingly we determine the stepwise repairing process.

For instance, in some cases the wooden beams that are broken or rotted need to be replaced and in those places we need to install the new piers. Some cases may demand additional support and some cases may not warrant a complete removal of existing piers. All our repairs are determined by the exact circumstance. We may or may not need to add steel piers, pads or blocks. We may have to add concrete or steel cylinders in place of the hydraulic jacks. Inspection, assessment and planning are prerequisites for perfect repairs.

MudJacking Repairs

Your property may need mudjacking repairs. Also known as pressure grouting and more commonly as slabjacking, mudjacking is a concrete repair process wherein a concrete slab that has sunk needs to be lifted with the help of pumping a grout through the material. The process helps to effectively push the concrete upward from below. This is a common foundation repair process but there are variations. Different types of concrete may be used in mudjacking or slabjacking. Only an inspection and thorough assessment by our pros will allow us to determine the best choice of concrete. Some foundations demand low-strength concrete. Some properties warrant the use of polyurethane resins. Most of our mud jacking repairs makes use of concrete and steel piling.

Reasons to Choose Us

We are foundation repair specialists in Dallas. We are not just familiar with the science and art of foundation repair. We have been delivering on our promises for three decades now. All of our experts have unmatched training, decades of hands-on experience and also undertake ongoing education to not only repair the foundations as they ought to be but to deliver results that are better than expected. Every professional must offer the best solution, which changes as time evolves along with the various approaches, materials and equipment at play.

As a company, we acknowledge the fact that your property is probably your largest investment. It cannot be vulnerable in any way, thereby compromising the safety and security of your family. If it is a commercial property, then your livelihood depends on its safety, stability and functionality. We are conscious of the unparalleled significance of the structural integrity of homes. It is thus our unwavering commitment to ensure that your property is strong, that all repairs are carried out with immaculate caution and that the results will last a lifetime.

Our company has an impressive BBB rating and you can read our customer reviews who vouch for our workmanship, affordability of our services and the ease of communication that lies at the crux of our customer service.

Get In Touch

We have updated contact information available on the official website. We have put forth a request form on the homepage of our website. You can give us a call or write an email. Regardless of how you reach us, we will get in touch with you and schedule a site inspection. We do not presume anything, we do not recommend standard solutions and we do not endorse generic approaches at any stage. To ensure we come up with the right repairing solution for the specific problem you have with your foundation, we will send one of our pros to your home or business to conduct an extensive inspection. We will assess the problem and determine the nature and scope of repairs needed. Only then do we come up with a specific quote.

Request a Quote Today

The primary purpose of sharing with you all the details of different types of foundation repair in Dallas was to give you a real idea of the nature of repairs and hence the type of services you may need. Knowing is the precursor to understanding the actual problem and the appropriate remedy. We do not encourage or endorse speculative estimates. We cannot generalize or presume the problems with a particular foundation. Only a site inspection will reveal the true problem and a subsequent assessment will help us to understand the exact scope of the repairs needed. From the size of the property and hence its foundation to the severity of the damages, there are many variables that determine the specifics of the repair service.

We offer a free consultation where every detail is discussed at length. Our estimator will explain the nature of the problem and you will be offered expert guidance as to what should be done. Only then would we offer a specific quote which will be without a doubt reasonable. We do not charge a fortune for foundation repair in Dallas. We take foundation damage very seriously and we do consider the full spectrum of repairing services to ensure you have a long term solution that will not trouble with for a lifetime. However, we take a reasonable approach when it comes to pricing.

We do recommend prompt foundation repair in Dallas. This is simply because the problems may worsen over time. The more severe the problems are, the more complex the repairs shall be. This will also have a direct bearing on your expenses. More complicated foundation repair in Dallas will be costlier. The longer you postpone foundation repair in Dallas, the more unsafe your house is and hence we move quickly once you give us a call and this can also save you money.

You also don’t need to worry about getting any of the pesky permits or dealing with the municipal offices that provide them.  We’ll do all of that work for you. To learn more about permitting in Dallas, you can check out their website here.

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