pier and beam foundation repair

Get Your Pier And Beam Foundation Repair Facts Right

It is always a good idea to get all the information you can about the crucial elements of your home. One of them is the foundation. The starting point is to determine the kind of foundation you have. They include slab, block and beam, pier and beam, and crawl space foundation among others. This post…

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Critical Services Offered By Foundation Companies In Dallas

It is not uncommon to find homeowners who only think about the foundation of their homes when there is a problem. The very fact that the foundation is well hidden from sight is a major reason for this. As a result, you may have the wrong idea about foundation companies in Dallas. In fact, many…

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Foundation Repair Cost Per Pier

How Much Do You Need For Your Foundation Repair Project?

Any building’s foundation determines its ability to withstand the elemental forces that can threaten its welfare. Of course, all the other parts of the house should be in optimum working condition as well. Each of them is critical in creating a safe and secure house. However, it would be a disservice to yourself and your…

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foundation inspection Dallas

Foundation Inspection: Is Your Home’s Foundation in Perfect Condition?

Prevention is always better than cure repair, especially in regard to the foundation of your house. The best part is that you can always find out how it’s doing through a foundation inspection. When it is done early enough, you can get timely foundation solutions. In fact, you can sometimes get a free foundation inspection.…

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slab foundation repair

Common Slab Foundation Repair Concerns And How To Address Them

Every structure that stands upright is supported by its base. For example, plants or trees survive the strong winds and rain because they are held firmly in the ground by their roots. In the same way, your house remains in an upright position primarily because of its foundation. If anything happens to the foundation, your…

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